Dog-friendly beaches in Merseyside

WHEN you think of Merseyside, the first thing to come to mind is the city of Liverpool – but the county stretches much further and features a wonderful coast for residents and visitors.

Among those that enjoy a nice trip to the seaside are dogs, yet they are only allowed to put their paws on certain beaches in the area.

Which beaches can dogs go on in Merseyside?

  • Ainsdale Beach (dog free zone 200m either side of Shore Road beach entrance)
  • Crosby Beach, Liverpool
  • Formby Beach (dogs must be kept on a lead along the Squirrel Walk)
  • Hightown Beach
  • Holylake Beach
  • Leasowe Beach
  • Meols Beach
  • Moreton Beach
  • New Brighton Beach, Wallasey
  • Southport Beach (dog free zone from the Pier to Pleasureland)
  • West Kirby Beach (dogs must be kept on a lead)
Crosby Beach is one of Merseyside's most well-known seaside hubs, not least because of the stone statue that stands in the middle
Crosby Beach is one of Merseyside’s most well-known seaside hubs, not least because of the stone statue that stands in the middle

Why are dogs banned from some beaches in Merseyside?

Although there are a number of beaches in Merseyside that welcome dogs all year round, some do have restrictions while many more don’t allow pooches at all.

The reasons for this range from health and safety to a matter of personal preference for the beach’s owner.

In the county, there are a number of beaches that are privately owned and therefore it is down to the landlord as to whether dogs are allowed.

Meanwhile, on a more serious note, some seaside hotspots don’t allow canines on the sand to protect humans, especially during the summer months.

This is because when dogs poo, their faeces can become harmful to people due to their meaty diet.

Humans can contract toxocariasis – or zoonosis – and the symptoms can range from poor appetite and nausea to breathing difficulties and even blindness.

Things to consider when taking your dog to the beach

Dogs love a nice trip to the seaside, just like their human companions. 

But there are a number of rules and tips to consider when heading to the beach.

These include: 

  • Check with beach management to see if dogs are allowed
  • Take poo bags to clear up their mess
  • Bring a lead – dogs have to be on a leash on some beaches at all times
  • Avoid the big crowds
  • Consider some people may not like dogs
  • Take plenty of fresh water and a bowl for your dog
  • Take a first aid kit in case your dog becomes injured
  • Check for local vets in case of emergency
  • Make sure your dog is wearing their collar and ID tag
  • If they are wear a GPS tracker, make sure it is fully charged
  • Take spare towels to dry them
  • Keep an eye on your dog at all times

Merseyside is not the only place with countless coastal hubs that welcome pooches with England having dog-friendly beaches from Land’s End to Druridge Bay.