Is Rock Beach dog friendly?

ROCK BEACH is among Cornwall’s best seaside hotspots for families with the Wadebridge hub able to stretch up to three kilometres along the coast.

With calm waters coming in from the River Camel, it is perfect for those more novice swimmers – but are dogs allowed to run around on these shores?

Is Rock Beach dog friendly?

Good news for our beloved pooches, dogs are welcome to Rock Beach all year round with no restrictions.

This provides families with some piece of mind when considering taking their pets to the seaside, with some beaches either banning dogs completely or coming with conditions for their visits.

Opposite Rock Beach and across the River Camel, St George’s Cove Beach does not allow dogs in July and August.

Rock Beach can span up to three kilometres along the River Camel with views of Padstow and St George's Cove (Flickr/Matthew Hartley)
Rock Beach can span up to three kilometres along the River Camel with views of Padstow and St George’s Cove (Flickr/Matthew Hartley)

Yet, for those looking to explore the entirety of Rock Beach, especially when the tide is low, Daymer Bay Beach – which connects on the northern side – also welcomes dogs at all times all year round.

They are both just two of Cornwall’s dog-friendly beaches, with England’s southwestern county a haven for tourists and locals looking to visit the seaside on a wonderful summer’s day.

Things to consider when taking your dog to Rock Beach

Although dogs are allowed to go to Rock Beach without any restrictions, including being able to run free with the lead off, there are still key considerations that every owner should think about before heading to the seaside with their pooch.

These can range from remembering to take a bowl and clean water for them to quench their thirst to bringing towels to dry them off after their swim in the sea.

You should also make sure to have multiple poo bags packed, especially if you plan to spend most of the day at the beach, with many beaches around the country still having laws in place regarding dog fouling even if pooches are allowed without restrictions.

And while canines are able to be off of the lead at any time during their trip to Rock Beach, it is advisable to still take one, particularly for commuting from the car park to the sandy shores or in case you need to control your dog.

The remaining considerations are for the welfare of your pet, as you should make sure they are wearing their collar or ID in case they run off or get lost.

If they have a GPS tracker, ensure this fully charged and waterproof, while take a first aid kit as they may hurt themselves on the rocks on the beach or any other sharp materials that could be found in the water.

Knowing where the local vet is also advised, especially if you are far from home or on holiday in Cornwall.

England has hundreds of dog-friendly beaches across the country ranging from Land’s End in the South West to Fishermans Haven Beach in the North East.