Are dogs allowed on Carbis Bay Beach?

THE coast of Cornwall plays host to plenty of magnificent beaches ranging from the famous Fistral Beach in Newquay to the calmness of Hannafore.

Carbis Bay Beach is another that is particularly enjoyed by families with its golden sands and spacious shores – but can dogs also visit the seaside hub?

Are dogs allowed on Carbis Bay Beach?

Located just two miles from St Ives, Carbis Bay is a quiet seaside village, perfect for families wishing to enjoy the wonders of Cornwall, especially its coastal hotspots.

The beach at Carbis Bay stretches for a mile along the the edge of the village, allowing plenty of space for locals and tourists to visit.

And in good news for their owners, dogs are allowed to go to Carbis Bay Beach – although there are restrictions.

Our canine friends are welcome onto the shores 365 days a year, but from July to September, they are banned from 10am to 6pm.

Carbis Bay Beach is a beautiful hub on the Cornish coast to visit for locals and tourists with its spacious sands and incredible waters
Carbis Bay Beach is a beautiful hub on the Cornish coast to visit for locals and tourists with its spacious sands and incredible waters

Why are dogs banned from Carbis Bay Beach?

The restrictions are part of a seasonal ban that is also in effect at a number of other beaches around the UK, particularly in Cornwall.

Due to the summer months being far busier than other times in the year, the ban is intended to ensure the health and safety of those that visit Carbis Bay Beach.

A condition known as toxocariasis – or zoonosis – is where parasites from animals infect humans.

This is typically found with pets such as cats and dogs, with beaches a high risk area as canine faeces can affect people when dropped on the beach or near water, especially where children – the most vulnerable – could potentially be infected.

Some symptoms of zoonosis can be mild such as a high temperature or stomach ache, others are more serious including loss of vision and other changes to your sight like seeing floaters.

If you do suspect yourself or your child of having zoonosis, speak to your doctor or call 111.

What should I consider before going to Carbis Bay Beach with my dog?

With Carbis Bay Beach having restrictions in place, it is always advised to check the latest guidance from St Ives Town Council before heading off.

Providing that your dog can visit the beach, the health and wellbeing of your beloved pooch is paramount so taking clean water and a bowl is vital to quench their thirst.

Dry towels to rub them down after their splash in the sea are key, especially to avoid get your car wet should you drive to Carbis Bay Beach.

Although dogs are allowed onto the sandy shore outside of the restrictions, laws on failing to pick up your dog’s mess still apply so have plenty of poo bags handy, particularly if you intend on spending a fair amount of time at the seaside.

Knowing where the nearest vet is is also essential in case they hurt themselves, while having a first aid kit to hand wouldn’t go amiss.

Also, remember to bring their lead with you to keep them under control if it is needed plus ensure that have their collar and ID tag on before they are unleashed on the beach. If they have a GPS tracker with them too, make sure it is fully charged and waterproof.

England has hundreds of dog-friendly beaches across the country ranging from Land’s End in the South West to Fishermans Haven Beach in the North East.