Is Looe Beach dog friendly?

THE beautiful fishing village of Looe plays host to one of the busiest beaches in Cornwall with the sandy shores overlooking the bay.

Families of all ages descend to the seaside hotspot, looking to revel in the scenery and nearby ice cream, and fish and chip shops – but are dogs allowed to join their owners?

Is Looe Beach dog friendly?

Looe doesn’t just have one beach, but two, with the East Looe River splitting the two.

The easternly shore is the most popular, stretching nearly 200 metres across the bay, where the waters are perfect for swimming.

However, dogs are banned all year round, meaning whether you are a local or a tourist, your beloved pooches will have to remain at home when you visit the beach.

Yet, if you are a registered blind person or rely on an assistance dog for any other disability like hearing, they are allowed.

East Looe Beach sits within a bay off of the English Channel with views of the Cornish coast to enjoy (Flickr/Alison Day)
East Looe Beach sits within a bay off of the English Channel with views of the Cornish coast to enjoy (Flickr/Alison Day)

Why are dogs banned from Looe Beach?

Although it is understood that most dogs are under control by their owners, the main reason that canines are banned from going onto some beaches is because of the danger they pose to a person’s health – especially children.

Toxocariasis – or zoonosis – is a condition where humans are infected by the faeces of animals, particularly pets such as dogs and cats.

Beaches are among the highest risk areas of contracting the disease with the sand and potential contamination of standing water the most likely sources.

Some symptoms are mild like a high temperature or stomach ache – but others include changes your sight and even loss of vision in an eye.

It is advised that if you do suspect yourself or your child of having toxocariasis, you should seek a doctor immediately or call 111.

However, if you do take your dog onto Looe Beach – and do not meet of the exemption criteria – then you can face a fine of up to £1,000, according to Cornwall County Council.

In most circumstances, a Fixed Penalty Notice of £100 is issued to the owner of the dog.

Which dog-friendly beaches are near Looe?

Cornwall has plenty of beaches along its coast, many of which allows dogs onto them.

If you are still looking to find one to visit with your beloved pooch, Hannafore Beach is the nearest, being located just beyond West Looe.

Other nearby dog-friendly beaches include:

  • Plaidy Beach
  • Millendreath Beach
  • Talland Bay
  • Polperro Beach
  • Seaton Beach
  • Downderry Beach

England has hundreds of dog-friendly beaches across the country ranging from Land’s End in the South West to Fishermans Haven Beach in the North East.