Eastney Naturist Beach

EASTNEY Beach is one of many seaside hubs that allow visitors to reveal all and strip down to their birthday suit.

The Portsmouth hotspot continues to be popular for those willing to show all of their beauty marks and imperfections, despite the stereotypes that come with nudist beaches.

Like all nudist spots around the UK, Eastney Beach welcomes those keen to take all of their clothes off and enjoy nature at its finest and most simplistic.

Yet, they have strict rules over what is allowed to ensure that visitors are not uncomfortable and their privacy remains intact.

Eastney Naturist Beach is located in the south east of Portsea Island and joined up with the non-nudist side, although tank blocks to mark out that you are entering the non-clothed part.

Providing the backdrop for the seaside hotspot is the fencing from Fort Cumberland, a former artillery fortification that has not being used by active service members since the 1970s and is now used mostly as a centre for archaeology.

Eastney Beach is shared between those that prefer to keep their clothes and those that like to go all-natural (Mark Wordy/Flickr)
Eastney Beach is shared between those that prefer to keep their clothes and those that like to go all-natural (Mark Wordy/Flickr)

Meanwhile, many visitors to the naturist side reveal that there is very little to no aversion to those that wish to take all of their clothes.

SGFDewey wrote on TripAdvisor: “Great little beach. easy to get to with someone with bad knees. Both my wife and I enjoyed our couple of hours on the beach today.

“A mixture of nudist and textiles, but no one seemed to be bothered. If you want to get away from the textiles walk further down to the left, but there was no problems from any of the people there today.

“Free car park about a 10 minute walk from the beach entrance with my bad knees.”

Lynda R added on TripAdvisor: “Idyllic setting for Naturists & those just seeking solace from the humdrum of everyday life.

“This area is left totally unspoilt & it affords peace & tranquillity.

“I trust the people venturing along this end of Eastney beach will respect the privacy of those with a different lifestyle.”

Yet, like all naturist beaches across the UK – and the world – there are rules that people should abide by to ensure those that like to be free from clothing do not face perversion and left uneasy.

Among those include not staring, a sure-fire way to make someone baring all feel uncomfortable, especially if you are clothed.

You should also always check the rules of the particular beach you are visiting in case they have specific rules in place while in the nudist zone.

Unless you have specific permission to take photos, keep your phone and cameras in your pockets or bags as this does not only make people uneasy – even just taking scenery pictures – but can also lead to privacy rules to be broken, whereby naturists expect a level of secrecy while there.

Another key rule of nudist beaches are that you keep your distance from people, again, unless you have their consent as this can be distressing for anyone, even if you are also in your birthday suit.

Lastly, and most importantly, no sexual activity should take place on a naturist beach like at Eastney, as this is not only uncomfortable for those around but also still a criminal offence as it is a public space.