Secret tropical beach revealed in viral tikTok – and it’s not far from london

WITH summer just around the corner, videos of beautiful golden beaches are being plastered all over TikTok.

One social media user believes to have found a hidden gem in the heart of the United Kingdom.

TikTok user Charlie Harris has racked up thousands of likes after he shared a video of the beach.

He captioned the post: “Secret tropical beach in the UK.”

Charlie Harris shared the video with his TikTok followers

The TikTok star added: “This secret beach is just two hours from London.

“If timed correctly, it is the perfect hidden spot for a day at the beach.

“Make sure you go when the tide is low as this beach will finally submerge when the tide is high.”

He shared videos of the towering chalk cliffs, white and crystal clear water.

The beach in question is Rottingdean.

Is Rottingdean beach worth visiting?

Rottingdean beach is situated between Brighton and Newhaven.

Aside from its natural beauty, this hidden hotspot has a small cafe and seasonal lifeguard service.

There are also a line of beach huts at the base of the chalk cliffs.

It is a sand and pebble beach – but remember to check the tide times before you set off.

Rottingdean is also a great spot for rockpooling when the tide is out.

Can I take my dog to Rottingdean beach?

Dogs are banned from Rottingdean from the start of May until the end of September.

The banning of dogs from beaches is not limited to just Rottingdean Beach with plenty around the UK also preventing them from visiting during the summer months.

This is due to more people attending during that time with their health and safety paramount.

Among the reasons why it can be dangerous for dogs to visit is because of toxocariasis – or zoonosis.

This condition is where parasites from pets, typically dogs and cats, infect humans with beaches deemed one of the most high risk areas for such disease to spread due to a canine’s faeces.

Children are the most vulnerable to zoonosis with possible symptoms as mild as a high temperature or stomach ache to the more severe cases including a loss of vision.

If you do suspect you or your child has contracted toxocariasis, speak to your doctor or call 111.

How can I get to Rottingdean beach?

The nearest train station to Rottingdean beach is Brighton station.

From London Victoria, there is a direct train to Brighton that takes just 58 minutes.

The average price for an ope return ticket is around £22.

Once you’re at Brighton station, you can get a bus from Brighton to Rottingdean.

These include:

  • 12X – Mon-Sat
  • 13X – Saturdays and Sundays only
  • 14A – Sundays only
  • 14B – Sundays only
  • 27B – Schooldays only
  • 27C – Peak times only
  • 47 – Mon- Sat
  • 57 – Sundays only