‘Smart’ beach hack perfect for sunbathing or as a kids’ play area without getting sandy – and for under £6

WHEN heading to the beach, most will take a towel or blanket to lay on the seaside’s sandy surface whether to sunbathe or to take a nap.

Although they do the job, it can cause sand to blow over you or you could simply burn yourself on the hot ground.

Yet, TikToker Zoinkkzz has an easy hack to enjoy your day at the beach without the worry of getting messy.

They revealed that on an occasion at the seaside, their sisters brought a fitted bed sheet and placed items in each corner, mostly bags that they had brought along with them.

Laying on a towel at the beach can be uncomfortable as your feet will often overhang

This created the effect of a walled area that prevents any sand from blowing in, while using towels and clothing to add extra padding underneath when laying down.

Yet, to ensure they nobody brings sand onto the fitted sheet, they set up a washing up bowl filled with seawater to wipe themselves down before stepping into the zone.

As shared by Kate Bast, the fitted sheet method is also perfect for creating a sand-free area for your children at the beach, allowing them to play around with their toys with great ease and better care.

Viewers headed to the comments to show their excitement with one respondent including their friend and saying: “We need to do this next summer instead of sitting on everyone’s towel.”

Meanwhile, the hack seems to be perfect for another commenter, who added: “I love going to the beach as much as I hate the sand.”

And others simply called it ‘smart’, praising Zoinkkzz’s ingenuity.

However, the best part of this hack is that most people will already have both the washing bowl and fitted sheet in your homes.

Yet, if you are in the UK and don’t have them, they will not cost you a lot.

Asda are offering a double sheet for £4 and the bowl for only £1.70 – costing a combined £5.70.

Meanwhile, for those based in the US, a quick trip to Walmart can see you pick up a full size sheet for $12 and an 18 quart dishpan for only $2.84, coming to a total of $14.84 before tax.

Most will already have a fitted sheet at home and it can be converted for sunbathing or into a kids play area at the beach
Most will already have a fitted sheet at home and it can be converted for sunbathing or into a kids play area at the beach

This is not the only amazing beach hack you can use with a cheap tool keeping you sheltered under an umbrella without the fear of it blowing away.

And before you head home, you can easily get rid of the sand from your toys, towels or sheets by using a laundry basket.