‘Handy’ beach hack to protect your phone at the seaside – and it costs less than 10p

USING your phone at the beach can be incredibly problematic and you run the risk of damaging it.

Seawater and sand is a bad combination for any mobile device and you run the risk of ruining it permanently, whether it is scratching the screen, getting stones in the charging port or getting it wet to point it no longer works.

Yet, there is a simple trick that can save you some concern about damaging your phone – and you probably already have one in your kitchen.

In a video outlining some of her favourite beach hacks, TikToker Kate Bast reveals that she uses a zip lock bag to protect her device while also still being able to use the touchscreen.

Your phone can get damaged by the sand and sea quite easily when at the beach
Your phone can get damaged by the sand and sea quite easily when at the beach

The clip shows her typing numbers as if to dial to prove the tip works, leaving viewers stunned.

One commenter said: “I had no idea the phone would work in the plastic, that’s cool.”

Meanwhile, another added: “Ziplocks always come in handy.”

Th best part about the hack is that many will already have sealable bags in their cupboards at home, especially from freezing and keeping food fresh.

Yet, it is also super cheap to get them with a box of 30 medium zip seal bags from Asda costing only £2.75 – or 9.2p each.

Meanwhile, for those in the US looking to use the beach hack as well can buy 60 gallon slider bags from Walmart for only $7.98 – or 13.3 cents a piece.

The zip lock bag trick was not the only hack in the video, as Kate also revealed that the best way to stop an ice lolly, or popsicle, from dripping all over your hands is to place the stick through the straw hole in a plastic cup lid so it can capture anything that runs down the frozen treat.

Yet, there are plenty of tips for when you head to the beach floating around, with one using a laundry basket or a mesh bag to remove sand from all of your toys and towels.

Another means you can avoid getting sandy while sunbathing or your kids are playing by using a fitted sheet to create a walled area.

Meanwhile, you can get an anchor to keep your beach umbrella up even when it is windy so you can relax in peace.