Are dogs allowed on Bridlington Beach?

YORKSHIRE is not the first place you think of when you want to go to the beach in the UK – but there are plenty to choose from.

Among them are the two along the Bridlington coast, with many enjoying the sandy shores at the Yorkshire seaside town, yet can you take your dog to them?

Are dogs allowed on Bridlington Beach?

Bridlington Beach is split into two separate parts – North and South – either side of the town’s harbour.

And good news for canine lovers, dogs are allowed on both Bridlington beaches all year round.

However, there are restrictions as owners are warned that dogs are banned from going into the areas near to the harbour between May and September.

On the North Beach, dogs are forbidden from going between the North Marine Promenade to the North Pier during those months.

Bridlington's South Beach joins with numerous other beaches along the Yorkshire coast, stretching over 10 miles
Bridlington’s South Beach joins with numerous other beaches along the Yorkshire coast, stretching over 10 miles

For the South Beach, you must not let your pet go between the Princess Mary Promenade and the South Pier from May to September.

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Can I be fined for taking my dog to Bridlington Beach?

Yes, dog owners will be fined if their canine enters those restricted areas at Bridlington Beach between May and September.

The overseeing authority, East Riding of Yorkshire Council will hand a fixed penalty notice of £75 to first time offenders.

However, failure to pay could see the owner face further legal action and taken to court.

Your only defences for letting your dog into those areas are if you have special permission or a reasonable excuse for entering the land with your canine.

Why are dogs banned from going onto beaches?

The main reason for not allowing dogs on to beaches at certain times is for health and safety purposes.

Although most owners will clean up after their pets when they are out, some fail to pick up their dog’s poo. 

Due to a dog’s diet being largely meat-based, leaving their faeces on the beach runs the risk of humans contracting toxocariasis – or zoonosis. 

And during the busy months, this becomes even more dangerous – especially for children – with potential problems including blindness and breathing difficulties.

Things to consider when taking your dog to the beach

Dogs love a nice trip to the seaside, just like their human companions. 

But there are a number of rules and tips to consider when heading to the beach.

These include: 

  • Check with beach management to see if dogs are allowed
  • Take poo bags to clear up their mess
  • Bring a lead – dogs have to be on a leash on some beaches at all times
  • Avoid the big crowds
  • Consider some people may not like dogs
  • Take plenty of fresh water and a bowl for your dog
  • Take a first aid kit in case your dog becomes injured
  • Check for local vets in case of emergency
  • Make sure your dog is wearing their collar and ID tag
  • If they are wear a GPS tracker, make sure it is fully charged
  • Take spare towels to dry them
  • Keep an eye on your dog at all times

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