Thurlestone Beach

THURLESTONE beach is a hiddem gem in the south of Devon.

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the other hotspots in the area, Thurlestone could be the perfect spot for you.

Is Thurlestone beach worth visiting?

Thurlestone is made up of two beaches – with the smaller of the two located next to the local golf club.

The main beach is located further along the coastline towards South Milton.

To access the coastline, you have to travel down a single-track lane for around two and a half miles.

Because of this, Thurlestone is not as popular during the summer as other beaches in the area.

Thurlestone beach is part of an area of Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (Credit: Dvcronan /Flickr)

If you want to relax and soak up the sunshine in peace, this could be a great choice.

This sandy beach has crystal clear water – but swimmers are urged to be careful of the strong current and riptides.

At high tide, you will be able to see the famous Thurlestone Rock formation.

However, facilities are few and far between at this beach.

You will have to head along the road to South Milton if you want to visit the shops or grab a bite to eat.

If you fancy spending the night, you could check into the luxurious Thurlestone Hotel.

Is Thurlestone beach dog friendly?

Dogs are allowed on Thurlestone beach all year round.

However, there are strict rules in place to stop dog-fouling.

Dogs love a nice trip to the seaside, just like their human companions. 

But there are a number of rules and tips to consider when heading to the beach.

These include: 

  • Check with beach management to see if dogs are allowed
  • Take poo bags to clear up their mess
  • Bring a lead – dogs have to be on a leash on some beaches at all times
  • Avoid the big crowds
  • Consider some people may not like dogs
  • Take plenty of fresh water and a bowl for your dog
  • Take a first aid kit in case your dog becomes injured
  • Check for local vets in case of emergency
  • Make sure your dog is wearing their collar and ID tag
  • If they are wear a GPS tracker, make sure it is fully charged
  • Take spare towels to dry them
  • Keep an eye on your dog at all times

Can you park at Thurlestone beach?

If you are driving to the beach, you can park your motor at the car park above Thurlestone Sands.

It has capacity for 75 cars and remains open 24/7 – but there are no overnight parking options available.

It costs £1 to park one hour, £3 for up to three hours and £5 for over three hours.

Alternatively, you can check the car park which is adjacent to Thurlestone golf club.

It has capacity for 100 vehicles and the same prices apply for this car park.

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