I visited Weymouth Beach – it is perfect for families with something for people of all ages on a great day out

DESPITE living in the south for many years, visiting Weymouth Beach had always been a trip I wanted to do – but too busy to tick off.

After spending just a few hours there, I would happily retire to the Dorset coastal town when the time comes.

Travelling to Weymouth was simple with just a two-hour direct train journey and the station located just minutes from the seaside.

Upon reaching the beach, I saw just how long it was and its depth, with the sandy shores stretching three miles long and nearly 50 metres deep – plenty of space for all kinds of activities from just relaxing to playing games and working out.

The waters were calm, meaning people of all ages – and some pets – could go for a splash and a swim with ease and not need to worry too much about being pulled out to sea.

Walking along the esplanade heading south, there are plenty of toilets to cope with the large number of visitors who descend on the beach, especially on those hot summer days.

Weymouth Beach stretches three miles along the Dorset coast and is a hotspot for people of all ages
Weymouth Beach stretches three miles along the Dorset coast and is a hotspot for people of all ages

Meanwhile, there are seating areas dotted along the esplanade if you fancy watching the incredible coastline but don’t want to get your feet sandy.

On the beach and on the walk path, there are cafes and ice cream shops to refresh and cool yourself when the sun is blazing down the Dorset hotspot.

If you are going to relax, it is best to stay at the top part of the beach, with plenty of families relaxing there and enjoying the shores.

However, the further you go down the esplanade, the more activities are available and in place from kayaking boats, volleyball courts and even a mini grandstand to watch a variety of events – on visit, there was a couple of personal trainers getting the public involved in an exercise workout where they would go around in a circle using different equipment and muscles.

Yet, don’t forget to check out Sandworld’s amazing sculptures on the esplanade, with my visit in July depicting the late Queen Elizabeth in celebration of her 70 years as Britain’s monarch.

If you are able to take your eyes off the incredible shoreline of Weymouth Beach, on the other side of the main road opposite the sculptures is a fantastic amusements centre with games ranging from the 2p coin machines to the claw grabbers – it took me a while but I eventually won a Stitch cuddle toy.

Once you have enjoyed the cool waters and topped up your tan on the beach, continue along the esplanade and go onto Custom House Quay road to take in the magnificence of Weymouth’s harbour.

Boats line the waters of the long marina off of Weymouth Bay, while on land, there are countless pubs, bars and eateries to continue to enjoy the sunshine and atmosphere on the coast.

Even the lift bridge adds a certain added aesthetic to the buzzing pubs on a weekend afternoon, allowing you to enjoy the views, company and weather – providing it is warm and sunny.

Why not spend some time at Weymouth Beach too and make a trip of it by staying at the Alexandra Hotel from just £55 a night – it is just metres from the seaside.

SandWorld's incredible sculptures are just one of the many highlights at Weymouth Beach
SandWorld’s incredible sculptures are just one of the many highlights at Weymouth Beach

So why not change up your weekend plans and head to Weymouth to see the coast, enjoy the sand between your toes and bask in the lively atmosphere.

And on the way back to the train station, stop at one of the many fish and chips shops – for me, it was King Edwards – to top off an amazing day at the seaside.

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