Gara Rock Beach, Salcombe

TUCKED AWAY along the coast of Devon sits Gara Rock Beach offering an incredible day out by the seaside for all of those that visit.

Just over two miles from the busy harbour that separates Salcombe and East Portlemouth, this coastal hotspot is a hidden gem in the south west.

Why you should visit Gara Rock Beach

Also known as Seacombe Sands, Gara Rock Beach is largely untouched with no buildings as far as the eye can see.

Surrounded by a beautiful landscape of green hills and small cliffs, you can escape from reality and relax on the its sandy surface and bask in the sun.

The water is also calm enough to enjoy a swim – but do watch out for the rocks that protrude from the beach surface.

And it is certainly worth taking a photo for the scrapbook, especially upon the hills as you’ll be able to cast your eyes out to the southern tip of Devon to the west as well as the English Channel.

Gara Rock Beach is a beautiful hidden gem in the south of Devon - but it can be difficult to get to (Vince Wingate/Flickr)
Gara Rock Beach is a beautiful hidden gem in the south of Devon – but it can be difficult to get to (Vince Wingate/Flickr)

How to get to Gara Rock Beach

As amazing as Gara Rock Beach is, it is not the easiest place to get to.

You will need a car to get near to the beach, whether you are just coming down for the day or staying nearby.

In terms of car parks, the nearest one is around 500m away, near to the Gara Rock hotel, where you would need to walk down a steep path to reach the coast.

Otherwise, it is nearly two miles along the coast path from the National Trust’s Mill Bay car park – so it is advised that only those confident at walking over uneven rocks make the journey to the beach.

Where to stay near Gara Rock Beach

If you already want to visit Gara Rock Beach, there are a variety of places to stay nearby to ensure you get the full experience of Devon’s southern waters.

The closest of the lot is the Gara Rock Hotel – situated less than 400m from the beachfront – with pets allowed, as well as having a spa and two swimming pools in case you don’t fancy the freezing water of the English Channel. Stays are available from £262.50 a night.

If you fancy a more natural experience, you can also camp at with High Nature with yurts available from just £78.60 a night or you can bring your own tent – but spaces are limited.

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