Lynmouth Beach

LYNMOUTH BEACH is a rather unique seaside hotspot in Devon, not least due to the colour of its shores.

Also known as Blacklands Beach, the coastal area draws in tourists from all over the UK – but why should you visit?

Why you should go to Lynmouth Beach

Lynmouth Beach sits in the north of Devon with the West Lyn River leading into Lynmouth Bay and the Bristol Channel alongside its shingly shores.

And as you would expect, the views are simply quite stunning as the houses of nearby residents look almost camouflaged among the trees covering the hills that surround the beach.

Even more surreal is the 36-hole putting green just metres from the beach, providing an incredible combination with the two sheltered by the rising landscape around them and separate from the rest of the town.

A pedestrian bridge near to the putting greens takes you across the river and towards the town for food and a variety of other attractions including the Lynton & Lynmouth Cliff Railway.

Lynmouth Beach is tucked away and hidden by the hills and elevated neighbouring town (Mark Wordy/Flickr)
Lynmouth Beach is tucked away and hidden by the hills and elevated neighbouring town (Mark Wordy/Flickr)

How to get to Lynmouth Beach

If you are staying at the local hotels, it is a relatively short walk to reach the beach, especially if you use the bridge on Riverside Road, near to the harbour.

There is also the Lyndale Cross car park just off of Watersmeet Road and then it is just seven minutes by foot to get to Lynmouth Beach.

For those looking to use public transport, there are hourly buses from Barnstaple or you can get the Exmoor Coaster from Minehead.

Where to stay near Lynmouth Beach

The closest place to the beach to stay is at the Rock House Hotel – an 18th-century building that sits just metres from the beach and the putting green, with rooms available from just £70 a night.

On the other side of the bridge sits a number of accommodation places, including the Riverside Cottage B&B with prices starting from £81.

Yet, if you prefer to camp instead, the beautiful Sunny Lyn Holiday Park is just a mile from Lynmouth Beach and has space for caravans, tents and even holiday lodges from just £24 a night.

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