Musselwick beach, Wales

YOU will have to check the tide times before you visit Musselwick Beach as it is only revealed at low tide.

This hidden gem, backed by the cliffs of Wooltack Point and Nab Head, is situated on the Pembrokeshire Coast in Wales.

Is Musselwick beach sandy?

Yes, Musselwick beach is sandy.

However, you have to make sure you time your trip perfectly if you want to enjoy it.

When the tide is in, Musselwick beach is not visible.

This beach does not get as busy other beaches nearby for this reason alone.

Musselwick beach is not easily accessible for visitors (Credit: Flickr/ David Evans)

But it’s a great place to explore and you are guaranteed to have a lot of space and privacy.

Is Musselwick beach easily accessible?

No, Musselwick beach is not easily accessible.

This is another reason why this hotspot is quieter than other beaches in Pembrokeshire.

You will have to make a ten minute walk across fields followed by a steep staircase to access Musselwick.

There is only one way on and off the beach.

Is there parking at Musselwick beach?

There are a small number of roadside parking spaces located half a mile west of Marloes village

But you will need to have luck on your side as there is only room for three or four cars at a time.

Are there facilities near to Musselwick beach?

Musselwick beach is located near to Marloes village – where you will find all of the facilities you need.

There are a selection of hotels, cafes, bars, restaurants and shops.

Is Musselwick beach dog friendly?

Musselwick beach is dog friendly all year.

Pembrokeshire is a great place to explore with your four-legged friend.

You can explore Poppit Sands or along the Freshwater West Beach.

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