Ness Cove Beach, Devon

NESS Cove is like no other beach in Devon.

This hidden gem can only be accessed by an underground passage – which is known locally as the smugglers tunnel.

Is Ness Cove worth visiting?

Ness Cove, located near to Shaldon, is made up of sand and shingle.

This beach is usually a lot quieter than other hotspots in the area because it is not easily accessible.

To access the beach, you will have to go through the entrance of the tunnel via Shaldon car park.

It is not officially known whether this tunnel was ever used for smuggling – but many people in the local area believe that was the case.

Ness Cove beach can only be accessed via the ‘smugglers tunnel’ (Credit: Flickr/ Matt Morrison)

However, another rumour claims that the owners on Ness House built the tunnel so that they could easily access the stunning beach.

When you exit the tunnel at the other end, you will be greeted by an incredible view that is guaranteed to take your breath away.

This secluded beach is tucked away behind the cliffs of the Ness Headland – so you are guaranteed some privacy while you soak up the sunshine.

Can you swim at Ness Cove?

Ness Cove beach is a popular swimming spot for locals and tourists alike.

Fishing from the beach is also a great way to spend the day at this Devon hotspot.

When the tide goes out, an incredible stretch of rockpools will be revealed.

Is Ness Cove dog friendly?

Ness Cove beach is dog friendly all year.

There are no restrictions in place – but visitors are advised to keep their dog on a lead.

Dog owners also have to pick up any mess left behind by their four-legged friend on the beachfront.

The underground passage has steep steps at each end (Credit: Flickr/ Matt Morrison)

Are there facilities on Ness Cove beach?

There are not any facilities on Ness Cove beach.

But at the cliff-top, before you enter the tunnel, you will find all of the facilities you need for a great day at the beach.

This includes toilets, shops and a cafe.

What other beaches are nearby?

  • Teignmouth Back Beach (0.3m)
  • Shaldon (0.4m)
  • Teignmouth (0.6m)
  • Maidencombe (1.8m)
  • Holcombe Teignmouth (2m)

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