5 Best Beach Hotels In Dubai

DUBAI’S incredible coastline and scenery are the reasons why visiting the city is high on many bucket lists.

Beaches don’t just stretch across the mainland of the holiday hotspot, but also on the three Palm Islands that have sprouted from the shores over the years – so where are the best hotels to stay in Dubai?

1. Jumeirah Beach Hotel

The Jumeirah Beach Hotel offers superb views of the Dubai coastline and the Burj Al-Arab
The Jumeirah Beach Hotel offers superb views of the Dubai coastline and the Burj Al-Arab

If you plan to go to Dubai in style, there is no better place to stay at than the Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

Located on the Dubai mainland, the five-star resort is as magnificent inside as it is on the outside.

With windows all around the 598-room hotel, you will never miss the wonderful scenery with clear views of the beach and Burj Al-Arab in the front.

Should you choose to stay here, there are five incredible pools and private beach access only for guests available to unwind with both the Burj Al-Arab and Burj Khalifa acting as backdrops.

Bringing the kids along? That’s no problem, as you will get discounts on the nearby Wild Wadi Waterpark – situated mere metres from your hotel.

The Jumeirah Beach Hotel truly has it all, with food from every cuisine imaginable and a wellness centre to relax your mind and body.

Book your holiday of a lifetime at Jumeirah Beach Hotel now from £268 a night and see the wonders that Dubai has to offer.

2. Doubletree by Hilton Dubai

Hilton's Doubletree hotel in Dubai sits along the waterfront with its own beach and infinity pool (Credit: Guilhem Vellut/Flickr)
Hilton’s Doubletree hotel in Dubai sits along the waterfront with its own beach and infinity pool (Credit: Guilhem Vellut/Flickr)

The other side of Palm Jumeirah sits Hilton’s DoubleTree hotel, a paradise in Dubai.

Like Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Hilton has its own beach, allowing its guests the comfort from the rest of the public and they can enjoy the incredible views of the local Palm Island.

If you fancy cooling off in the blazing sun but prefer to stay out of the seawater, the ocean-front infinity pool is the perfect place to relax.

Located on the city’s marina, the DoubleTree by Hilton hotel is close to numerous bars, restaurants and activities, including Skydive Dubai if you want to get an amazing view of the emirate while plummeting towards the ground at 120 miles per hour.

This hotel will have you floating on water and relaxing in heaven in the United Arab Emirates – and don’t just take our word for it after it won TripAdvisor’s Best of the Best Traveller’s Choice award for 2022.

Get your holiday planned and booked at Doubletree by Hilton Dubai from £140 a night to relax in comfort and style.

3. Sofitel Dubai The Palm

You can see the Dubai skyline from the Sofitel The Palm hotel
You can see the Dubai skyline from the Sofitel The Palm hotel

The first hotel on this list on one of the Islands, Sofitel Dubai The Palm sits on the upper rim of The Palm Jumeirah.

The five-star resort is a huge French-style complex, looking back towards the city and the sparkling blue waters of the Arabian Gulf.

It isn’t a Dubai coastal hotel without its own beach, with golden sands and sunbeds to lounge on in comfort and style.

Inside the hotel, the corridors are adorned with exotic plant life, bars for every occasion – from relaxing by the pool to catching up on the latest sporting events – and restaurants to suit every taste bud.

Although the hotel is incredible and luxurious, its location for seeing other parts of Dubai see it dropped down from the top spots – but if you don’t mind the boat ride through the island – Sofitel Dubai The Palm is for you.

Get you and your family to the five-star luxury palace that is Sofitel Dubai The Palm now from £189 a night and relax in utopia.

4. Nikki Beach

At the northern end of the Dubai coast sits Nikki Beach on the residential island of Pearl Jumeirah.

Much smaller than the other hotels on this list with just 195 rooms or villas available – with a handful having access to their very own private pool.

If the beach is more to your liking, Nikki Beach hotel opens onto North Beach, looking out to the hot sun shining off of the Arabian Gulf with views that you can lose yourself in.

Jump off of the island and you will hit one of the main hubs of Dubai with bars, restaurants and shopping malls to keep everyone fed and entertained – with the Burj Khalifa dominating the skyline in the distance.

For those looking to relax further, Nikki Beach’s pristine spa will have you re-energised in no time, while the adrenaline junkies take to the sea and try to surf the Arabian waves.

You can book your next holiday at Nikki Beach Dubai here from £256 a night to bask in the Persian sun.

5. Centara Mirage Beach Resort Dubai

As anyone who has looked to book a holiday to Dubai will know – it is very expensive.

Flights alone can cost anywhere from around £440 to over £1,000 alone. And then there is the accommodation.

Centara Mirage Beach Resort Dubai is the budget hotel for price, but not style.

Located on the Deira Islands, the hotel is a frenzy of colour and the ultimate Dubai stay for the family.

The four-star resort features a huge waterpark with everything from slides, a lazy river, a lagoon pool, a kids’ splash play area and even a cliff jumping platform.

If you can tear your children away from the waterpark, playgrounds and games room, just outside the doors of Centara Mirage Beach Resort sits a calm, sandy beach leading to the Arabian Gulf waters.

Don’t break the bank and book your holiday to Dubai in style at the Centara Mirage Beach Resort for £115 a night for a fun family adventure.

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