Flamingo Beach, Aruba

THE sight of flamingos on a beach can leave your jaw hitting the sand as the pink birds grace the coastline of Aruba.

Yet, getting to the Caribbean island can be difficult – despite its popularity – before even attempting to reach the Flamingo Beach.

How to get to Flamingo Beach in Aruba

Getting to Aruba from the UK can largely depend on the flight you take with many requiring at least one stop along the way.

Flying out of London Heathrow, you will either change in Amsterdam – Aruba is a Dutch colony – or from John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) in USA.

Meanwhile, you can get a direct flight going from London Gatwick that will have you on the beach by the afternoon.

All flights on Aruba will take you to the Queen Beatrix International Airport.

Aruba is home to the Flamingo Beach on Renaissance Island where visitors can watch the magnificent birds in the wild (Credit: Lino Ogenio/Unsplash)
Aruba is home to the Flamingo Beach on Renaissance Island where visitors can watch the magnificent birds in the wild (Credit: Lino Ogenio/Unsplash)

Fortunately for visitors to Flamingo Beach, the airport is by the seaside on the mainland by Renaissance Island with which the beach sits on.

You can only then get to Renaissance Island and Flamingo Beach by either being a hotel guest or getting a day pass on the water taxi.

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Where to stay near Flamingo Beach

If you want to visit the Flamingo Beach, your best chance is by being a guest at Marriott’s Renaissance Wind Creek Aruba Resort.

The island itself is privately owned by the hotel chain, with guests offered complimentary water taxis between 7am and 7pm so you can spend the entire day gazing over the majestic flamingos.

However, non-guests can also get a day pass to Renaissance Island – but it will cost you over £100.

Aruba’s capital, Oranjestad, is the closest to the island with a wide range of alternative accommodation, ranging from the incredible Divi Village Golf and Beach Resort to the more affordable but still beautiful Kamerlingh Villa.

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What to do in Aruba

Although Flamingo Beach is stunning and a must-see, there are plenty of other activities and places to see on the Caribbean island.

Aruba has everything from sailing and snorkelling in the beautiful clear waters of the Caribbean Sea to exploring its natural landscape and taking quad bike tours.

The island has a wealth of incredible geological formations, not least the Natural Pool in Conchi in the east, plus the Ayo Rock Formations just over seven kilometres from Oranjestad.

In Noord in the north sits the Bubali Bird Sanctury where you can spot a variety of flying creatures from birds to colourful butterflies.

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