What is the best nudist beach in Benidorm?

BENIDORM is renowned for being the ultimate place for a stag do or hen party in the sunshine.

But the seaside resort on the eastern coast of Spain has so much more to offer than that – including its incredible nudist beaches.

What is the best nudist beach in Benidorm?

If you fancy stripping your kit off and soaking up the sunshine in Benidorm, Tio Ximo Cove is your best bet.

Tio Ximo Cove is located close to Benidorm’s lively centre at the bottom of the Sierra Helada natural park.

Despite not being officially categorised as a nudist beach, this is where the majority of naturists flock to.

It is a peaceful beach and feels very private compared to the other busier beaches in the area.

Tio Ximo Cove is the most popular beach for nudists in Benidorm (Credit: Enrique Domingo/ Flickr)

For those walking to Tio Ximo Cove, it will take around 25 minutes from the Rincon de Loix.

Beach goers heading to Tio Ximo Cove are urged to get there as early as possible to beat the rush.

Despite being a hidden gem, this picturesque spot can get busy during peak season.

Clothing is optional at this beach so you are welcome to attend even if you don’t want to whip your kit off.

This beach has crystal clear water and a combination of sand and rock.

It is an ideal spot for snorkelling as the rocky seabed is brimming with sealife.

Lifeguards will be on duty at Ti Ximo Cove during peak season.

However, there are no facilities on this beach so you will have to bring all of your refreshments with you for the day.

If you fancy spending the night in Benidorm, check out the Hotel Marina Benidorm.

What are the rules on a nudist beach?

There are some unwritten rules you need to bare in mind before you whip your kit off at the nearby nudist beach.

  • Make sure you’re on a nudist beach – It should be clearly marked, but always double check to avoid any embarrassment.
  • Do not take pictures – Please leave your cameras at home and respect the privacy of everybody around you.
  • Do not stare – There’s no need to make anybody else feel self-conscious, just enjoy your day.
  • Apply sunscreen everywhere – Make sure you lather up to avoid burning your private parts and ruining the afternoon.
  • Keep your hands to yourself – Nobody else needs to see that. Just relax, read, tan or have a cheeky snooze in the sun.
  • Pack for the day – It’s likely that the nudist beach will be off the beaten track and away from any nearby facilities.
  • Bring some clothes – You might not like it, but you will need to put your kit on for walking to and from the nudist beach.

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