When is the best time to have a beach wedding?

WHEN couples come to deciding on where they should get married, most will look at a church, a beautiful manor or even in a wonderful park setting.

Yet, a beach provides an incredible backdrop of pristine sandy shores and clear blue waters making for a fairytale wedding – but when is the best time to get hitched on a beach?

What is the best month to have a beach wedding?

Getting married in a church and tying the knot on a beach have very different needs – most notably requiring nice weather for the latter if you hope to not have your wedding ruined.

Yet, while most will think the summer is the best time to say your vows on a beach, it is recommended to look outside of these months as the hot temperatures can make for an unpleasant ceremony, in particularly if it lasts longer than 30 minutes.

Although most will wear cooler clothing – even the groom – for a beach wedding, no one wants to have to cover themselves in sun cream just before they say ‘I Do’ to protect themselves from sunburn.

This means that the best month to have a wedding on a beach is May when it is cooler and the sun is less potent.

Beach weddings provide an incredible backdrop for photos and also are typically cheaper than traditional ceremonies

Depending on the country you choose to host your ceremony, April, September and October are also ideal for holding your nuptials by the seaside, especially in places like the Caribbean, Florida, Hawaii and Fiji.

And the added benefit is that venues for your wedding reception are generally cheaper compared to the summer months.

What is the least popular month to have a beach wedding?

As to be expected, the least popular months to get hitched are in the winter, due to the dwindling temperatures and expectation of bad weather.

January and February are deemed to be the worst of them all with many parts of the world anticipating cold climes and rain in the best case scenario, while others are covered in snow.

Some parts of the world are typically hot all year round, including Cyprus where the sun still shines and temperatures generally only drop just below 20°C.

How much is a beach wedding?

Beach weddings not only provide for some incredible photos and backdrops, but are often considered a far cheaper option to getting married than in a church or manor.

Most beaches are free venues to get married, while others do charge a fee, but this is generally a very small amount.

To get married on Pass-a-Grille Beach in Florida – one of the state’s most popular coastal hubs – would cost you just over $1,200 for the ceremony with Tide The Knot, with the fee including the $250 wedding permit fee.

Or for the full package with the ceremony and reception can cost just over $10,000 for up to 45 guests on the coast.

Meanwhile, the average cost of a wedding in Florida was $27,000 in 2021, according to The Knot’s study.

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